SanBao Academy – the International School of Massage and Health Prevention  was established as to expend knowledge about natural ways to prevent diseases, as well as their treatment using natural medicines. The base of our teaching program constitutes the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the oldest medical system preserved to our times.  We rely on classical medical texts that are several thousand years old, combining ancient knowledge with scientific progress in conventional medicine.

We particularly focus on promoting manual therapeutic techniques, such as traditional Chinese massage, cupping and moxa therapy, as well as osteopathy. Our specialty is to organize courses and professional trainings for massage therapists and physiotherapists.

We run courses for beginners, introducing to the basis of physiology and diagnosis in Chinese medicine and to the knowledge of meridians system and acupressure points.

We also organize training courses at a higher level of advancement, designed to improve professional qualifications in advanced manual therapeutic techniques and TCM healing strategy.

Our offer also includes thematic seminars in the field of natural medicine, such as dietetics and aromatherapy.

We conduct our lectures in three European countries: Italy, France and Poland.

For more information about our training program at each location, please click on the links below:
Courses in Roma
Courses in Lyon
Courses in Kraków

You can also have a overview of our upcoming courses in all locations by checking the global courses schedule.